Amy Burness, Amy has been building and expanding her knowledge in the hair care business for 23 years. Amy is exceptionally passionate about hair care, the art of styling and the integrity of exceptional service. Amy prides herself in her smart execution, utilizing her sharp wit and styling expertise. Amy favors highlighting, using eye-catching, natural tones and colors to enhance her guest’s face shape, skin color, and overall appearance. She also enjoys polishing the look with a well-suited and fashionable cut, proving herself a well-rounded and knowledgeable stylist. From a professional standpoint as a Redkentrained stylist, Amy attends advanced color and cutting class three to four times a year to improve her skills. She also enjoys lending her business ability to the salon, coaching her fellow stylists to a long and profitable career. Currently, Amy is an educator for Bosley Professional Strength; training stylists nationwide teaching how to consult, cut and style fine and thinning hair.

Amy’s Educational Certificates include (but are not limited to): Education: Redken Academy 2005 Focus, Professional Salon Training 2006, Redken Symposium 2007, The Summit Business College 2007, The Redken Exchange in New York City (Coloring Out of Your Mind) 2008, The Path To Abundance 2008, Milady (The Coaching Club) 2008, The Academy 2008, Redken Symposium 2009, Redken Symposium 2011, Centricity 2011, The Redken Exchange 2012 Cut and Know Why. BosleyPro Specialist 2013. Redken Symposium 2013

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